Digital Assurance

As businesses move their entire operations to digital platforms, concerns about cyber security and data integrity increase.

Traditionally, digital assurance has been a matter of desktop exercises and compliance documentation. With cyber crime developing almost exponentially, no one and nothing is 100% secure any longer, and a checklist in the drawer will not protect your business.

We provide services and solutions that allow companies to stresstest their cyber maturity and legal exposure on the basis of real data and analytics from the company cloud environment and open sources. 

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Chris Sturgess
Digital Assurance
Chris Sturgess / Chief Technology Officer, CREST CCT INF CISSP OSCP

“The main liability for companies is not technical cyber security, but policy compliance and human behaviour”

Cyber attacks are no longer just an issue for the IT security team, they represent a risk to the entire business. 

While cyber risk exposure increases with more digitized organizations and stricter data protection regulations, the level of skill it takes to hack a company is decreasing.

Cyber risk is all about the legal and financial consequences of a breach. 

Our Solutions

Our goal is to prepare businesses by providing them unique insights on «how things really are» before an actual incident reveals non-compliance.

We are part of a Norwegian cross-industry initiative led by former government and military digital assurance and threat intelligence specialists.

We want to make impactful solutions available for everybody and help define best practice-standards for corporate digital assurance and compliance.

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