Marine Insurance 

Our modular solutions for the marine insurance industry provide asset control and end-to-end automation of reporting and documentation processes, optimized to the specific needs of your business model.

Automated reporting of trading in conditional areas liberates shipowners from their administrative burden and significantly reduces the risk of errors and omissions that may impact their insurance cover. 

For the insurer, our solutions increase efficiency, provide overview of actual high-risk area exposure, reduce operational risk, and enable a more transparent dialogue with the reinsurance market. Real-time monitoring of insured assets also has a significant impact on loss prevention and risk mitigation capabilities.

Our IoT-enabled solutions for the marine insurance market include modules for reporting, premium calculation, vessel tracking and documentation and are designed to give you maximum flexibility for setup and implementation.

Svein Ringbakken
Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib
Svein Ringbakken / Managing Director

Access to real-time vessel data helped us improve loss prevention and emergency response. Better information can save lives.

Digital quantum leap for war risks insurance of ships 

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Mutual War Risks Insurance Association (DNK) has implemented Raptor IoT technology to simplify and safeguard daily operations for the owners of 2 700 ships 

This enables shipowners to identify and mitigate non-conformities early, thereby improving security for crew, ship and cargo. 

Compliance and Reporting

Our compliance and reporting solutions help shipowners aggregate accurate and relevant data about their operational impact on the environment, or their exposure to risks such as sanctions or regulatory requirements.

Relevant data can be collected automatically from on-board sensors and fed directly into compliance reports or systems, so that shipowners can concentrate on running their core business.

Due to its ability to transmit data in a closed cycle, securely and entirely independent of other on-board systems, Raptor-based collection of data represents the perfect solution to gather objective and accurate data for compliance reporting automatically all the way from ship to shore.

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