Maritime Domain Awareness

What if you could just get the information you need, when you need it? What if everybody had access to this information and had the same view of what’s going on in your operations?

Our maritime domain awareness solutions for vessel tracking and route monitoring are delievered through the Clearwater Portal, and help you follow your operations in almost real-time and identify non-conforming conditions early on. This gives you the ability to reduce and mitigate risks as they occur, and to improve your operational performance.

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Vessel Tracking and AIS

Track your vessels in real-time and and connect your assets securely to the IoT through the world’s most advanced and M2M satellite network.
Enhance your views with global AIS data.

Accurate, real-time data about your vessel position is collected by the Raptor satellite tracking device and made easily accessable via laptop or mobile through the Clearwater-powered portal. Areas of interest can be geofenced and monitored in real-time, allowing you to establish automatic alerts and trigger actions when crossing borders. 

The portal contains all the tools and functions you need for full visibility of your registered vessels in their actual surrounding environment, such as maritime charts, piracy alerts, live weather overlays and filters . To extend your views with world-wide traffic information, you can turn on our bespoke global AIS feed from fused satellite and terrestrial sources, and enhance with Raptor data to improve granularity and accuracy. 

Route Monitoring

Continously compare the vessel’s actual position with geofenced tracks according to the filed passage plan and ensure safe and efficient execution of voyages. 

Simply upload your passage planf from ECDIS and receive automated alerts in case the vessel deviates from the planned route.

The Route Monitoring Service provides you with assurance that voyages are executed in accordance with your safety and performance and goals. Execution control helps you improve charterparty compliance, early identification of deviations and voyage awareness between ship, shore and relevant third parties.

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