Connected Underwriting

Our InsureTech software is agnostic and works with AIS or any kind of vessel position data source you may want to use to fully automate your underwriting and reporting processes.

Through our industry partners, we are able to provide you an “IoT Starter Kit” including a secure, robust and easy to install GPS device. 

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1. Data Collection

The GPS device collects and sends detailed position data directly from the vessel through a secure gateway.

The device is not connected to the vessel’s IT systems and does not require any complex integrations or installs.

Data collection

2. Connectivity

Encrypted data is sent ship to shore in almost real time, using state of the art M2M (Machine-To-Machine) communication over resilient L-band satellites. 

3. Data access and visualization

Position data is ingested via secure API into the TripAdmin platform for fully automated underwriting and reporting.

Data access and visualization

Your Gateway to the IoT

Everbody knows that Internet of Things is all about data. The question is where and how to find it.

Installation and maintenance costs, connectivity challenges and cyber security concerns are among the main inhibitors for fast deployment of IoT solutions in the maritime industry. 

Our maritime IoT Starter Kit is the perfect tool to retrofit maritime assets and enable you to break down digitization barriers and access data in a secure and simple way. 

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