Your Gateway to the IoT

Everbody knows that Internet of Things is all about data. The question is where and how to find it.

Installation and maintenance costs, connectivity challenges and cyber security concerns are among the main inhibitors for fast deployment of IoT solutions in the maritime industry. 

Our maritime IoT Starter Kit is the perfect tool to retrofit maritime assets and enable you to break down digitization barriers and access data in a secure and simple way. 

Flexible Solutions

At the core of our IoT Starter Kit is the “Raptor” sensor and GPS tracking device which collects and transmits accurate vessel position and performance data in a secure and cost-effective way.

Through simple, proven and secure connections which don’t require access to control systems or other vulnerable installations on the vessel, data from existing on-board sensors can be channeled through the Raptor to provide the data you need, when and where you need it.

Whether your goal is to ehance your existing performance systems, if you are looking to automate your business processes or if you just want to get better control of your assets and operation – you need to get the right data.

As long as collection of critical measurements from vessels is done manually or irregularly, there is little value in applying advanced analytics to poor quality data. Our Starter Kit is the “missing link” that effectively and securely connects your physical assets and helps you kick-start your IoT journey.

Let us know which answers you are trying to resolve, and we can help you find the data you need.

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