Maritime IoT and Data Solutions

The maritime industry is traditionally characterised by disintegrated flow of information from ship-to-shore and in-between ships, and by lack of transparency across stakholders. Even the most important decisions are often made based on inconsistent, outdated information and poor quality data. It’s about time to change this!

Whether you are a shipowner looking to improve operational performance, or a marine insurer who wants to to gain better control of your assets at risk and simplify your business processes – it’s all about getting the facts rights. 

Our maritime IoT solutions provide easy access to indisputable facts that can contribute to better efficiency, safety and sustainability of your business.

Explore our Maritime IoT Stack

Our IoT stack provides everything needed from asset detection to the provision of data.  This can be delivered via our online portal or directly to your exisiting software using our secure APIs, and tailor-made to your specific needs.

Read more about the security of our IoT stack here 

1. Data Collection

The Raptor sensor and gateway collects and sends position and performance data directly from the vessel. Most existing on-board sensors can easily be integrated with the Raptor to expand the range of automatically captured data.

The Raptor device runs completely independently from other on-board systems, ensuring highest possible robustness and cyber-resilience.


2. Connectivity

Encrypted data is sent ship to shore every seven minutes, using state of the art M2M (Machine-To-Machine) communication over resilient Inmarsat L-band satellites. 

The system is designed for two-way text and data communications with remote assets, and has the capability to exchange large amounts of data at high speed.

3. Data access and visualization

Raptor data can be delivered into existing systems through a secure API,  or immediately visualized in the cloud-based Clearwater Portal which can be accessed through secure password login.

Portal functionality includes vessel monitoring, weather and navigation chart overlays, personalized filters and alerts as well as graphs and data download for analytics.

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